Welcome to Sugar Rehab Centre .

A place where you can find help on how to tackle a dependency to sweet poison like sugar.

My name is Tatiana and I am a professional trainer and nutritionist.

We all know that we should not be eating too many sugary foods and drinks but I know how hard it is to say “No” when there is a chocolate bar staring at you. At this moment you already know that there is no way you are going to forget about it. You can practically taste the crunchy chocolate melting in your mouth before you even bite it. While you are reaching for the chocolate bar you are thinking I’ve worked so hard this week … I deserve a little treat … I will definitely start my diet on Monday. ” Unfortunately that Monday never comes. And even if you manage to lose some weight it comes right back within a couple of weeks.

My personal journey to healthy food started when I realized that it was time for me to lose 2 stone of excess weight accumulated over a couple of years by eating

pizzas for dinner and chocolate biscuits for desert. I started exercising more and stopped eating rubbish. It took me a year to lose excess weight but I managed to gain every single pound back in half of the time it took me to lose it once I started eating rubbish food again. I was disappointed with myself. I could not bear looking at myself in the mirror. The last thing I wanted was to start all over again. But there was no other choice if I wanted to be slim.

The second time I decided to make a permanent change by learning about food and how my body is affected by different foods. I found out that I consumed way too much sugar. No wonder I was heavy. Once I reduced sugar in my diet I started losing weight again. I tracked other nutrients in my diet like fat, fibre and salt to improve my health. I adjusted my diet to keep me healthy and slim. As long as I eat this way I know I will have ideal weight.

If you want to learn more about sugar, how it affects you and how to deal with the addiction sign up for my free Sugar. The Irresistible Toxin” video course. If you have any questions along the way contact me via the website. Enjoy the course and I’ll see you there.

Tatiana Kelsh

(I was born and raised in Russia. I moved to Ireland in 2002. Besides running online courses I teach women about nutrition in one-to-one and group environments)